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Bangkok is truly an international city with a large population. People come to Bangkok from all over the world, to visit the city, or just to use it as a stopping off point on their way to the far east or other places in Thailand. Therefore the hotels in Bangkok are many, they include some of the most beautiful hotels in the world to budget accommodations to the incredibly cheap.
I, like most visitors have stayed in all of the above, but mainly I personally like the middle of the road, not quite the economy, not quite the top of the line hotels, but somewhere in the middle. So, those are the hotels that I will concentrate on, talk about, on this page.
I will also touch on the higher end hotels as well. It is important to note that you can get better rates on the internet,(again, I get no benefit from this mention of sawadee) I've found has the best rates.  Although, at the Westin Grand Sukhumvit, the assistant manager showed us a monthly rate that you really don't see advertised. Keep in mind during rainy/green season, the price of hotels can be cut in half. Green season various within Thailand, northern, southern and central Thailand all have different months that they call green season. The "green" or "rainy" season is generally speaking July to October. It will rain a lot.
But, the rain comes and then goes, the rain is warm, plus there is less people there and the prices are a lot cheaper during this period. If, obviously, you can't deal with rain, (I personally don't mind) then avoid these months. The real plus for me is that the hotels can be 1/2 off!!

Here is a short list of a growing list of hotels I will have on this page. It depends where you want to be, if you'll have a wife along, if you're single, if you'll have kids on the trip and the area you want to be near by, or perhaps avoid. I like the Sukhumvit area. We'll begin there.

The Westin Grand Hotel
259 Sukhumvit Road is a great hotel, people are very friendly there, they generally cater to a Japanese clientele, the food is good, Soy Cowboy (nightlife) is around the corner. The Westin Grand is a good place to start your stay.

The Salil Hotel
Soy 8, 38 Sukhumvit 16, Sukhumvit Road. A nice hotel, a great breakfast, fantastic staff, clean rooms. I made a mistake and stayed at the Royal Asia Lodge on Sukhumvit Soy 8, which I do NOT recommend. I went next door to ask about the Salil, much nicer, much cleaner, MUCH friendlier people. Stay here for quiet, relaxation, close to Soy Cowboy and the SkyTrain.
NICE rooms.  Dependent on the time of the year 45.00 a night. Less in rainy season.

The Citadines Bangkok, Sukhumvit 8
77/7 Sukhumvit 8, Sukhumvit Road
Again, Soy Cowboy is around the corner. Great food there on the street on Soy 8. A nice British pub is down the street. I have not stayed there yet, but will be staying there in the very near future.
Cost 1300 Baht, about 40.00 dollars USD.

I hear good things about this hotel. Swimming pool, Steak House, Sports Lounge, it is
right off Sukhumvit 33, on Daeng Udo Street.
Rates run from 1,800.00 to 3,200.00 Baht per night (about 55.00 to 98.00 USD)
Call, +66 (0) 2261 2800

The Town Lodge
106 Sukhumvit  18 Klongtoey
The Town Lodge is fantastic, IF, you want a cool bar in the hotel. IF you don't have a lot of money to spend. IF you're a single man. You'll get a clean room, nice people at the desk and..the TOXIC BAR. If you are renting a car or you don't like to walk, or you have family, you don't want to stay here. It is at the very end of Sukhumvit 18. There is no place to park your car, uh, it's not for families. Did I mention the bar is cool?
Cost 1200 Baht, (advertised) I think that you can get it for less! I like the bar!
(Town Lodge is a small boutique hotel in off Sukhumvit Soi 18. At the very end of Soi 18 on the right)

On the other side of town and quite a bit more up scale is the..

Baiyoke Sky Hotel
It is a 4-Star hotel, perfect for families, wife, ect..
Very luxurious, you'll be VERY comfortable.
Check their website for promotions on their promotions page.
They usually have a stay for three days, get on day free thing going on.
Rates start at 2000 baht. (about 61.00 dollars)
222 Rajprarop Road, Rajthevee, Bangkok

Lebua At State Tower
If you want to make sure that you're in the lap of luxury, then Lebua At State Tower is what you're looking for, but still it is not at an outrageous price. You can get a Superior Suite Balcony for 109.00 USD. (two people) Lebua At State Tower is an all-suite luxury hotel with 358 lavish suites. Located riverside, it is the second tallest tower in Bangkok. Located at 1055 Silom Road. 



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