IN BANGKOK

              FUN IN BANGKOK


So you're going to Bangkok just for a couple of days, then onto Phuket or Koh Lanta or perhaps
the Chang Mai Province. Great, you have a plan, sounds like a good one. But, while you're here in Bangkok, what will you do? Here are a few things not to miss.

Go to the shopping center buy what you need or just go experience the shopping madness of MBK and enjoy lunch or dinner on the 6th floor. *the food court*

Suan Lum Night Bazaar
Jewelry, clothing, sculptures, pillows, silk. It is a huge open air market.
Nearby are pubs and beer gardens, eateries, live music, really a great place to eat drink
and relax. Over 3,000 shops selling all kinds of things.
Located on the south-eastern corner of Lumpini Park
To get there, take a taxi, or SkyTrain, then the Subway.
Open nightly 3pm-Midnight-ish

The Chatuchak Weekend Market
Over 8,000 stalls, during the weekend, more than 200,000 visitors visit.
If you can imagine it, you may find it here. Everything is on sale.
Again, bargain for everything, don't pay what is marked on the item, smile, bargain with the seller
you'll have fun and get it at a slightly better price.
Take the SkyTrain to Mo Chit, follow the crowd.
Open Sat-Sun, 9am-6pm, Fridays 6pm-Midnight

Wat Pho or Wat Arun
Wear long pants, (no jeans, take your shoes off) go enjoy the history of Bangkok.
Take in a Temple/ Wat. The history will be overwhelming when you sit down and think
about it. Wat Arun started being constucted in 1809.
Wat Pho, 1788. These Temple's are actually fun to get to, (a couple of them, you'll take a boat up river) and the beauty is astounding. Great photo opportunities.
To find out how to get to the temples go (here) to my Temple Page.

Erawan Shrine
A shrine in Bangkok, a popular tourist attraction complete with Thai Dancing. The Shrine was built in 1956. If you're taking the SkyTrain and your at the Chitlom Station. You'll see the golden Shrine of the Hindu God Brahma at the corner of an intersection.
Shopping malls nearby include Amarin Plaza and CentralWorld. Bring the camera or video camera, the dancers put on quite a show and the live Thai music is great.

Thai Food
Oh man the food, that is one of the reason's you're coming here right?
I personally recommend MK. You'll order off the menu, they will put the hot pot in the middle of the table, they will bring you the items, (greens, shrimp, beef, fish ect..) and you will boil it put it on your plate and top with some tasty..toppings. You want fresh, it doesn't get fresher.
There is on at MBK Shopping center, Siam Square and other locations.
And, while were on the subject of food, DO eat some food from the venders on the street.
I like the "chicken on stick", which is, uh.. meat on a stick. Barbecued and very tasty.
Also, that hairy fruit, that is Rumbutan. It is fantastic and good for you and cheap.
Get twenty of em, take them back to your hotel as a snack. It tastes like a grape and is very high in vitamin C. Ask the vendor to show you how to open it up.

It is a ride through the African Wilderness, Safari World. If you enjoy the animals, if you have kids, this is a treat.

Tiger Temple

I will put tiger temple on the list, IF you have time and the money to take a bus or car up to the Temple, it is far north of Bangkok and is a full day trip. But you won't forget it!
Only, if time and money permits.


              FUN IN BANGKOK